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Review of Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno Gravity Sensor Radio Control Car

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Product Description

The Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno may not be for the serious RC car driver, but it certainly looks cool and is a lot of fun.  It will certainly be the closest I'll ever get to owning a real Lamborghini. Personally I think this Lamborghini is really designed and made for a model collector and not for serious RC racing, that doesn't mean to say you won't have a lot of fun with it.

In the RC car range this isn't what I really like to use because its not as fast as I like to travel, thus not what you would expect a Lambo to perform like in real life. It is also quite low to the ground and could get snagged on things, so it's best to use it on a nice floor in a large room, or on a level area with a clean surface, with a little practice you can get it to do some wicked drifting on the right surface. Another problem is the fact it has no bumpers so it could get damaged easily, but with bumpers it just wouldn't look as good as it does now. So with that in mind it might get a little beat up when the kids play with it. One of the COOLEST features on this car is the door button which opens and closes the doors in true Lamborghini style.

You might be purchasing this for your children, but I can guarantee adults will have just as much fun driving it around and pretending they are in a Lamborghini Super Car.


The Features

Lots of detail in the design including the undercarriage. Headlights go on when driving forward and rear lights when going in reverse. Doors open Lambo Style using buttons on the remote.

The Remote

The remote is designed like a joystick, but with one neat difference.  You don't have to have it on a flat surface to use it (although it does work when on a flat surface).  When you hold it in your hand when standing and move the whole unit, this translates into movement in the car. They call it a Gravity Sensor Remote Control and it is quite sensative so be careful when carrying the remote with the car still switched on because you might just forget and have it crash into something. The remote was easy to use even though it's quite different to the norm.

NiCad battery packs

You get two NiCad battery packs for convenience, use one while you charge the other. However, the transmitter works on three AA batteries. The battery in the car has a good drive life, plus the fact you have a spare to charge means you can have fun for a long time. Combine that with rechargable AA batteries and you really don't have much to worry about.


This RC car is rich in design features and details, which is what you should expect from a Lamborghini. Feedback from owners say it's very detailed and looks great even just sitting on a shelf. This RC scores high for the detail, as mentione before, the undercarriage has been finely designed with details that resemble the real thing.

Everything is Controlled from the RC Unit

The dual opening doors, car driving control, LED front and rear lights, it all feels well put together and coordinated. The RC unit is quite sensitive so even the slightest of touch will make the car move if everything is switched on. It even has a few DEMO modes for enjoyment without you actually driving, which I though was kinda fun and a good trick to play on someone wanting a go.

The Positive

    • Anyone who has wanted a Lamborghini will love this car and immediately want to have a drive.
    • Great car for all ages and becasue it's not too fast (but still fast enough for a lot of fun) will be easy for the younger ones to drive.
    • Two batteries for longer drive time especially if you keep charging them.
    • Excellent detail all over the car so will appeal to the model car collector.

The Negative

    • Some are saying the car is too slow and remote a little unresponsive. It really all depends for what purpose uou are purchasing the car.
    • Remote very sensitive and hard to control. This could be because it's different and takes a little getting used to.
    • No bumpers on the front and rear so could get dameaged easilt.  Bumpers would also ruin the look of the car for collectors.

The Verdict

Sure it may not be the best RC Car on the market, but it certaily is a good model representation of the Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno. It looks great, is quite unique and like I said in the beginning, could be the closest any of us are to owning an actual Lamborghini.

The Burnout Rating

I rate this Lamborghini 4 out of 5 BURNOUTS

Redcat Racing Nitro Buggy Rating 3.5 Burnouts


Product Features

Super cool gift model car collectors and kids of all ages

High detailed and excellent quality RC lamborghini Veneno with front and rear led lights

Cool Functions: Automatic Door control from RC unit, forward/reverse/left turn/right turn.

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