radio controlled cars reviewed and rated

RC Car Racing Tips and Car Options

Radio controlled cars have been popular for many years, both as a fun toy for children and as an engaging hobby for adults. However, more recently, higher end RC cars and kits have been produced to meet the growing demand of adult R/C enthusiasts. Faster and better constructed than toy R/C cars, hobby grade cars and Nitro RC Cars offer improved handling and better all-terrain driving. This is important for those who choose to competitively race their cars and those who wish to have a more authentic driving experience.

What Types of RC Cars Are Available?

There are many different types of hobby grade RC cars available to suit any need or desire. Some RC cars run off of battery power, others use a mixture of gasoline and oil or are powered by nitro. What type of power to use is usually up to the driver, with gas and nitro offering higher speeds but more maintenance than Fast Electric RC Cars. Gasoline powered RC cars also offer the truest driving performance in comparison with a real car.

While in the past, high end race cars were sold as kits, there are many cars available that are ready to be driven immediately. Kits require that enthusiasts use soldering tools and other methods to assemble their cars as they wish. These kits allow for more individualized and customized car set ups, but they do require some advance knowledge and skill to build. Car kits allow for modifications of tires, speed, steering control, power supply and more, but they can also be expensive and time consuming to assemble.

While kits are popular among serious RC car enthusiasts, some people would rather be able to drive their cars immediately. For these hobbyists, ready to run cars are the best option. These cars are of the high quality that racing fans expect, and they are far more expensive and powerful than toy RC cars. Modifications can also be made to these cars if desired, and many people choose to switch out tires or other minor features. However, ready to run cars are fully operational out of the package and are the easiest way for people to enjoy RC Car Racing.

Tips for Better RC Racing

Playing around with an RC car and competitively racing it are two completely separate activities. While many people simply drive toy RC cars around with no real purpose, those who race hobby cars must be concerned with their handling, speed and more. Those who want to improve their RC car driving performance should consider the following RC Car Racing Tips:

  • Practice makes perfect. Anyone who truly wants to improve their RC car racing ability will need to put in a lot of practice. While practicing on a track, either paved or off-road, is preferable, it is possible to practice in almost any location. A practice circuit or track can be made easily by using any type of available household item, like boxes, cans or even empty water bottles. By changing their positioning and the circuit patterns, drivers can easily practice hundreds of racing scenarios in their own back yards. As people learn to better control the car and how to handle different maneuvers successfully, they will find themselves placing higher in races, as well.

  • Visually inspect tracks before driving. It can be difficult to see distinctions in the track from a distance, especially while driving an RC car. Drivers should physically walk around the track to make sure that they are aware of any slopes, holes or other hazards that could affect their racing.

  • Worry more about personal averages than final rankings. Any driver who truly wants to improve their race times should be focused on improving their personal bests at all times. One recklessly-driven race that happens to be fast and successful does not mean someone will consistently win. It is better to have full control over the vehicle before pressing for higher speeds, and less wrecks and errors will occur. Once mastery of the vehicle has been achieved, faster times will come naturally.

  • Break into corners and turns, and accelerate out of them. One of the most commonly made mistakes by drivers is that they accelerate going into turns. This often leads to jerky motions and overshooting the angle, which can cause crashes and lost time. Drivers should ensure that they use their break during the first half of the turn, and accelerate out once halfway through.

  • Drive faster at practice than during races. Practice times are the perfect time for pressing boundaries and seeing how fast a car can go. During races, however, it is better to drive cautiously and more accurately. As drivers discover what they are capable of during practice, they will eventually be able to translate these skills to races.

RC cars are fun for those of all ages, and many people become involved in serious RC car racing. High end RC cars are available for purchase, though many people opt for kits to build and design their own. By choosing the right type of car and following some RC Car Driving Tips, anyone can improve their RC car driving performance and increase their enjoyment.