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Brushless Electric

Brushless Electric R/C Buggy

We’ll spare you the in-depth mechanical detail, but brushless motors, as you might expect, avoid the use of so-called ‘brushes’ when converting electricity into motion. This reduces the amount of friction within the motor, making it more efficient (less energy is lost through friction). Brushless motors therefore give you more movement for the electrical energy you feed them – which, to the RC fan, means higher speeds!

So far, so good. The bottom line is clear; brushless is always technically better. The question remains, however: is it better for you? This more efficient technology invariably comes with a higher price tag, and while it’s far more mainstream than it used to be a couple of decades ago, it’s hardly bargain basement stuff. A beginner can make a much better purchase in a classic brushed motor, which will provide all the power you’ll need in a first model at a much better price! The last thing you want when you’re starting out is an overpowered model that you’ll struggle to control.